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Jul 12, 2013 9:00am PDT
. >> or i can state it now. >> no, approach the bench. >> that was state attorney john guy delivering the prosecution's rebuttal to the defense's closing arguments in the george zimmerman trial. guy asked the jury to use their hearts and what they heard in the case when they make their decision. he also described what he believes was in the defendant's heart the night of the killing. we actually don't have that sound and the prosecution and defense are approaching the bench. the prosecution's rebuttal is not yet complete. in this break we will hear from right here on set managing editor of the an msnbc contributor joy reid and of course msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. almost towards the end of this. i wonder what you make of the prosecution's rebuttal which seems to hang largely on the idea of heart. >> right. heart and the lies. he's going back over the strength of the prosecution case. the many lies that george zimmerman has been caught in. i think that's good but i'd sure like to see it connected up with either manslaughter or murder. >> okay. we're going right back to joh
Jul 12, 2013 10:00am PDT
individuals, many of them moms that will decide this case. >> yeah. john guy went for about 47 minutes. pete, i think you hit the nail on the head there, quite the contrast in styles between john guy this afternoon and what we saw from mark o'mara this morning who went for 2:55 minutes. quickly on the timeline, judge nelson indicated she will bring the jury back at 2:00. at that time she will begin to read this. this is that 27-page -- 27 pages of instructions that she will go through. and at that point the jury will then head into the room and begin the process of deliberation. what is not clear at this point, we should say this for our viewers. we've ask the court public information officer this question and have yet to get a firm answer back. it is not clear whether the jury will deliberate through the weekend just yet. the judge, we understand, is going to give them that option. we expect that they will exercise that option since up until the lunch break just a few moments ago, every time judge nelson has asked, do you guys want to keep going or stop for a bathroom break or lunch break,
Jul 12, 2013 3:00am PDT
the better thinking and again we've got to hear mark o'hara today. the prosecution comes back, bill john guy after that and then judge nelson starts to do the instructions. >> bill: prosecution gets the last word. >> yeah. that's a big deal. >> bill: that is a big deal. >> they'll send in john guy to do it. he's excellent. >> bill: in their closing arguments, the prosecution of course challenged everything that the defense had tried to present. >> sure. >> bill: then this is one way i think this is john guy summing up george zimmerman. >> why does this defendant get out of the car if he thinks that trayvon martin is a threat to him? why? why? because he's got a gun! he's got the equalizer. he's going to take care of it! he's a wanna be cop. >> bill: gets out of the car when he was told not to with a gun. >> yeah. that was actually -- it was bernie and it leads up, crescendos to john guy who is going to handle this in the end. i have to tell you something when you've got a case like this, murder two bill, all you've got is what you've got. i'm not sure yelling and screaming at the jury is the
Jul 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. zimmerman, he doesn't seem to have any. >> reporter: john guy used a foam dummy to determine where the gun was located when he pulled it. >> if this mannequin were carrying a firearm on their waist, where would the gun be right now in relation to me? >> would be at your left inner thigh. >> right here, right? >> yes. >> reporter: later, defense attorney mark o'mara also got physical. >> george zimmerman, trayvon martin. >> reporter: re-focusing attention on zimmerman's face and head injuries and whether they are consistent with an attack. >> how about this? how about somebody resisting the attempt, the two lacerations, could that have come from cement? if somebody was resisting me pushing down like this? >> i believe so. >> reporter: late today, the state asked the judge to consider adding the lesser charge of manslaughter. the judge will rule tomorrow on that before closing arguments get under way. >> ron mott today. thanks. >>> in boston today, the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing made his first appearance in front of a packed federal courtroom with dozens of survivors lo
Jul 10, 2013 10:00am PDT
have been reacting to certain pieces of testimony, and the point where john guy was demonstrating with the dummy earlier, that seemed to go over reasonably well with the jury. at one point all of the jurors in the back row were standing up looking. they were quite engaged. but, you know, dennis root has been on the stand for about three hours now, close to three hours. so we do not expect him to be on 9 stand that much long zbler dennis root offered himself up to the defense team. he is, you know, an experienced trainer and instructor of trainers but he does not know george zimmerman so he's really offering himself up as an expert witness to physical strength or lack of strength of zimmerman. lisa bloom, at this stage do you think that the defense has presented a case, no need of extra witnesses? >> i think the defense has done an extremely good job in this case. they have two extremely skilled attorneys who have put on a couple of expert witnesses and overcome a lot of objections and have really put forward all possible evidence to support george zimmerman's claim of self-defense
Jul 10, 2013 9:00am PDT
person but not the fighter. >> in the prosecution's cross examination, attorney john guy used a dummy to reenact the events that may have led to the fatal gun shot, including the positioning of the firearm during the fight. >> if this person, this mannequin, were carrying a firearm on their waist, where would the gun be right now in relation to me? >> would be at your left inner thigh. >> right here, right? >> yes. if he was right-handed, it would be at your left inner thigh, right? >> right. underneath my leg. >> yes, inside your leg. >> let's go back to the courtroom where dennis root is still on the stand and let's listen in. >> whether it's a push or a strike, every time you blow -- drive a strike or a firearm, the body goes until it hits an object that will stop it. >> did you see the physical injuries that punctate bruising and lacerations on the side of mr. zimmerman's head? >> when i said blows earlier, those were the things that really caught my eye because of the fact that it was a striking, not a pushing so much because of all of the, lack of a better word, injury or damage
Jul 11, 2013 3:00am PDT
cross-examinati cross-examination, prosecutor john guy used a foam dummy to question where zimmerman's gun was located when he pulled it. >> if this mannequin were carrying a firearm on their waist where would the gun be in relation to me? >> would be at your left inner thigh. >> right here, right? >> yes. >> reporter: later -- >> may i use your doll a moment? >> reporter: defense attorney mark o'mara got physical. george zimmerman, trayvon martin. >> reporter: refocusing on head and face injuries whether consistent with an attack. how about somebody resisting the injuries, the two lacerations could that have come from cement. somebody resisting me, pushing down like this? >> i believe so. >> they're going to start the closing arguments today, joe, at 1:00. again, that's supposed to last roughly about three hours, but it's been very interesting for people, court observers anyway, to question whether or not zimmerman was going to take the stand and a lot of people said, it just depends on the type of defense case that is put up and they'll make that decision, you know, at game time de
Jul 11, 2013 10:00am PDT
for them. but that would be directly tied to border security. john boehner today, i pressed him about this. said the rnc, chamber of commerce all coming out in favor of this, marco rubio, you guys are really hanging him out to dry. this is not going to hurt had the party for latino voters for generations? he said the only way to fix a broken system is to have this border security. it will be any interesting to see how they would do any bill that could get democratic support. >> chris slis za, no politics are involved. >> i think there's nothing in this world you can say no politics is involved and i think that is in fact the case here, too. you know, luke hit on the problem, which is talk to anyone who has a horse in the race in 2016. talk to any national republican strategist who is sort of looking at the republican party at large and they will tell you we have to get immigration reform off the table. we have to figure out a way to yes on this. not because that's going to win us every hispanic vote but by not doing it we'll never have a chance of winning it. if you're a house republican t
Jul 8, 2013 9:00am PDT
with, even john mccain would recognize that things have actually been worse with russia in our recent history. one of the remarkable things to me is that putin didn't actually embrace this guy and parade him in front of the cameras as a hero. he said, in that most precious sound bite of all, where he said, even though it is strange -- i'm paraphrasing. even though it is strange that i'm saying this -- >> nobody paraphrases putin like you. >> -- you've got to stop hurting america. there are so many strange things. france and spain and everyone else bringing down the bolivian plane. i actually think this shows the reach of american power right now that they've caused this man so many plels throblems that he get out of moscow's airport. will he get out? absolutely. venezuela -- there's no lever that we can pull to stop the venezuelans from stopping him. bolivian president sure as hell wants to celebrate this man and make him into whatever the equivalent of sainthood is. >> part of snowden's case was, a lot of the surveillance has been conducted on foreigners and people overseas and that
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)